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Real impact through opportunity

The Dafydd Lewis Trust provides equity and merit-based scholarships of $10,000 a year for three years. These are given to young men who might not have otherwise received a university education due to the limited financial resources of their parents. Every year, multiple scholarships are awarded for full-time undergraduate degrees in most courses at any university in Victoria.

Equity Trustees

Equity Trustees was established in 1888 and is now Australia’s leading specialist trustee company.  They  have been helping Australians manage their wealth for more than 130 years, managing over 500 charitable trusts and distributing nearly $70 million of grants to charities, organisations and individuals annually. Equity Trustees has been the Trustee of The Dafydd Lewis Trust for over 70 years, responsible for all aspects of governance, administration and investment of the Trust.

Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation

The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation was established in partnership with the Dafydd Lewis Trust in 2004. Mary Jane Lewis scholarships provide opportunities for women to attend university. To read more about the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation please visit the website
To learn more about applying for or donating to The Dafydd Lewis Trust please call Equity Trustees on 03 8623 5000.